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About Clics Toys

Clics Toys | Produced in bite-proof safe, polypropylene, they are durable and able to withstand a prolonged use under all conditions.
Available with additional accessories such as xles and wheels for additional and extended play value. Clics Toys helps to develop different skills of your child.

Over 150 million blocks are yearly manufactured and they are exported to over 40 countries. Clics Toysmission is to help children learning while playing with Clics Toys so they expand their boundaries of creativity. Clics Toys does this by organizing events and/or building contests where children can show their creations.

Clics Toys Children age 4+

CLICS building toys for children as from the age of three

  • Endless construction enjoyment
  • Unique structures
  • Educational toys
  • Patented toys

Are you looking for toys that will boost your child’s creativity and imagination? Original construction toys for boys and girls as from the age of three? Your toddler will experience many hours of enjoyment while playing with Clics building boxes.

Clics Toys is shipped from Inkmasters Ink & Toner Dandenong warehouse in Melbourne Australia-wide shipping usually 1-3 Days.

What is Clics Toys?

Clics was established in 2001 in Belgium. Since then, millions of children in more than forty countries have been playing with our building blocks.

We believe the educational and Brain developing value of our construction toys is very important and we have been rewarded for this too. Clics Toys has won different awards during the past few years.

My daughter thinks it’s great to build all kinds of things. With Clics Toys you can build as much as you want. For children, this is the perfect toy to be creative.

What is CLICS?

CLICS is a unique CLICK system that consists of quality plastic building blocks. You can build something quickly and easily because all the blocks fit into each other seamlessly. Children are, therefore, given endless possibilities with CLICS and enjoy playing with their building boxes for many years.

A few figures?

  • We produce about 150 million CLICS a year.
  • The largest CLICS carpet has 187,500 blocks.
  • More than 100,000 children have a true Master CLICS diploma in South Korea.

What can you build with the CLICS blocks? Houses, cranes, vehicles, animals, etc. in 2D and 3D. Any bestsellers? Glitter Clics, Clics police, Clics Rollerboxes, etc.

What comes in the CLICS boxes?

Every box or toy bucket of CLICS contains a construction plan that can be used to make different structures. Do you prefer to create what you come up with yourself? Let your fantasy run free. The more CLICS, the bigger you can build.

We have even built a giant Pinocchio in Clics!

Do you want to order CLICS Toy products?

  • Make toys yourself
  • Stimulate creativity and motor skills
  • Durable toys for many years of enjoyment

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