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100pcs Genuine Playmags Deluxe Magnetic Tiles Supermags + 13 ABC Clickins (2018-’19 New Version)

100pcs Genuine Playmags Deluxe Magnetic Tiles Supermags + 13 ABC Clickins (2018-’19 New Version)

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Playmags Deluxe Magnetic tiles 100 Pieces Now with Magnets Twice as Strong

  • 8x Long triangle
    32x SM square
    4x Big Square Box
    12x Right triangle
    10x Rectangle
    15x windows
    1x Magnetic Car
    18x Triangle
    1x Playmags Blue sack.


Playmags great for child’s brain development:

  • Motor skills
  • symmetric
  • Meth
  • Shapes
  • cognitive

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Product Description

Playmags Deluxe Magnetic tiles 100set

This Supreme quality Playmags 3D Magnetic Tiles by enjoyed by millions of kids holding them captivated for hours the solid Magnets placed at strategic points allowing a childs imagination to explore connecting and attracting on all sides.

The National Parenting Center Review:
Playmags: are a truly remarkable open-ended building toy. Kids and parents alike were captivated and couldn’t stop building an endless variety of shapes, structures, you name it. The set comes with 100 brightly colored, translucent pieces. There are triangles in three different sizes and two square sizes. Magnets are inserted inside the edges and that’s about all you need to know. The magnets are strong enough to construct pretty solid structures, These pieces got a real workout but never broke or shattered. Parents noted that while the basic idea is building and playing they saw that their children were learning physics, geometry, math, spatial reasoning and architecture without even knowing it.

Whats included in this box

Weight5 kg










Right triangles


Long triangles


Big Squares






Small windows


4 reviews for 100pcs Genuine Playmags Deluxe Magnetic Tiles Supermags + 13 ABC Clickins (2018-’19 New Version)

  1. Raphael Sebbag

    (verified owner):

    Debbie Styling – Caulfield
    We think Playmags are a fantastic learning toy for our 2 young builders. They are a fun way to play with shapes, help your child progress from 2D to 3D construction and feed enthusiastic imaginations. They also help to develop a wonderful range of skills: maths, science, spatial relationships, problem solving and tactile skills. We own two different brands in our houses: MagnaTiles and Playmags and the playmags are amazingly enjoyed we especially love the ABC Clickins and is a great learning experiance, especially now since our kida are home since the Covid-19

  2. Raphael Sebbag

    (verified owner):

    Jenny blackgoter – Sydney 2000
    The New Playmags 2019 This is a comprehensive set with a wide variety of types of tile and variety of colours. Large enough for two or more younger children to happily create with and enough for enterprising older children to be happily engrossed, and challenged.

    It’s quite expensive and although I already have some playmags, they haven’t had enough use to give long term assessment. Should imagine they should be fine. Magnets have good strength too.

    The star new innovations are the click ins. These are click in plastic tiles which are formed in a variety of window shapes, including one with balcony/window boxes. There is a door shape also included, which opens and closes.

    These are very good and click in very easily, staying firmly in place too.

  3. Raphael Sebbag

    (verified owner):

    Alison Avigdor – Perth
    Super building blocks, with a bag to keep them in. I did a lot of Internet research before buying as I wanted strong magnets. These are fantastic, they hold together very well. My grandson has special needs & would get frustrated if they didn’t stay together. These really are perfect & with the carts add extra play value. Edward builds them up & likes to knock them down to start over again. He’s quite rough with them & has had them since February & they are in perfect condition. A great buy. I know they are expensive, but I’d rather pay more for a good item.

  4. Raphael Sebbag

    (verified owner):

    From A mom to 2 beautiful kids:
    I bought these for my four kids for Christmas after agonising for weeks over the reviews of this product and several other magnetic tile sets. We already have 132 Magna Tiles and enjoy playing with them. I had read reviews of Playmags and was perplexed because some reviews said even a simple tower would collapse, but others said they were indistinguishable from Magna Tiles. I decided to take the risk and and am so glad I did.

    It seems that maybe the disparity in reviews is due to the fact that Playmags were recently upgraded to have stronger magnets. Whatever the case, im glad a purchased this pack,

    The tiles are really, really strong and solid and the new rivets is making the tile even stronger than the previous ones – although i didnt see anything wrong with the old one.

    It actually seems to me that the Playmags’ magnets are “stickier” than Magna Tiles’ magnets. I conducted a very unscientific side-by-side test by building two tall, skinny towers (see photo – the Magna Tile tower is at right and the Playmags tower at left ). Each level was built using four square tiles in a cube formation, and each tower was 14 levels high. I was able to build both towers but the Magna Tile tower was more wobbly and fell apart while I was dismantling it, while the Playmags tower stayed strong.

    The Playmags are also fully compatible with the Magna Tiles.

    I will not hesitate to buy Playmags for our future magnetic tile needs.

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