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100pcs Genuine Playmags Magnetic Tiles X-mas Packaging (New Version) Magnets Twice as Strong
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100pcs Genuine Playmags Magnetic Tiles X-mas Packaging (New Version) Magnets Twice as Strong

Playmags ideas book



100pcs Playmags 3D Clear Coloured Solid Magnetic Tiles Xmas Packaging. New & Improved Supermags (’19 version) Now Twice as Strong

This 100pc Playmags contains:

  • 8x Acute Angled Triangles (3″x5.5″)
  • 26x Small Squares (3″x3″)
  • 14x Windows (3″x3″)
  • 2x 4-Windows (3″x3″)
  • 8x Rectangles (3″x1.5″)
  • 10x Right Angled Triangles (3″x4″)
  • 12x Equilateral Triangles (3″x3″)
  • 5x Clickins Window
  • 13x Clickins ABC
  • 2x Large Squares (6″x3″)
  • 1x Playmags Booklet

Playmags Magnetic tiles & Building blocks great for child’s brain development,

  • Motor skills
  • symmetric
  • Meth
  • Shapes
  • cognitive

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Product Description

Make this Christmas extra special for your little one with the 100Piece Playmags!

Grab the New Playmags Magnetic Tiles ”Christmas Pack Edition” now! Newly designed Playmags Xmas Pack is a great way to impress your child thereby saving the wrapping hassle.

Playmags Deluxe Magnetic Tiles 100pcs

Supreme Quality Playmags 3D Magnetic Tiles enjoyed daily by millions of kids holding them captivated for hours the solid Magnets placed at strategic points allowing a childs imagination to explore connecting and attracting on all sides.

The National Parenting Center Review:
Playmags Magnetic tiles: Are a truly remarkable open-ended building toy. Kids and parents alike were captivated and couldn’t stop building an endless variety of shapes, structures, you name it. The set comes with 100 brightly colored, translucent pieces. There are triangles in three different sizes and two square sizes. Magnets are inserted inside the edges and that’s about all you need to know. The magnets are strong enough to construct pretty solid structures, These pieces got a real workout but never broke or shattered. Parents noted that while the basic idea is building and playing they saw that their children were learning physics, geometry, math, spatial reasoning and architecture without even knowing it.

Whats included in this box

Weight4 kg
Acute Angled Triangles (3"x5.5")

8 Pieces

Small Squares (3"x3")

26 Pieces

Windows (3"x3")

14 Pieces

4-Windows (3"x3")

2 Pieces

Rectangles (3"x1.5")

8 Pieces

Right Angled Triangles (3"x4")

10 Pieces

Equilateral Triangles (3"x3")

12 Pieces

Clickins Window

5 Pieces

Clickins ABC

13 Pieces

Large Squares (6"x3")

2 Pieces

Playmags Booklet

1 Piece

3 reviews for 100pcs Genuine Playmags Magnetic Tiles X-mas Packaging (New Version) Magnets Twice as Strong

  1. Raphael Sebbag

    (verified owner):

    Sarah Gabriell
    After researching which brand of magnetic tiles to buy, Playmags was recommended as one of the best quality. I bought a set for my 2 year old for Christmas last year and we have not been disappointed. She played with them every day for 3 months straight before having a little break, but not a week goes by without them coming out a few times. After a couple of months, we also bought 2 subsequent supplementary smaller packs in order to get more triangles and to be able to make some of the structures in the booklet.

    We also combine them with our other toys/props, such as characters, dinosaurs, trains, cars, pom-poms, you name it, and my daughter (now 3) tells stories while she plays. I’ve attached pictures of our creation this morning, I had so much fun! my parents also love playing with them. The colours are vibrant, the magnets are strong and the quality is superb and as an open-ended toy, it has real longevity. Hours of entertainment and creativity, well worth the money. For this Christmas I’ve got my eye on the pack that has doors in it!

  2. Raphael Sebbag

    (verified owner):

    Judy halstead
    I don’t know who likes the set more my husband or the rightful owner, our toddler. Both spent hours building with them. They seem pretty indestructible, and we are not worried about magnets falling out of them, they are sturdy and survived being thrown down the stairs (I read this was a concern for some). I would strongly recommend to buy the building foundation plate (a red plate 30cm x30cm) as it helps a lot.

  3. Raphael Sebbag

    (verified owner):

    Ester Kaufman
    It’s been over two years, and these are still played with often by our boys. They’ve been used as spaceships, castles for Lego men, tall spy towers, a Leprechaun trap and so much more. The pieces show minimal wear similar to the name brand tiles they are mixed in with. We haven’t had any issues with tiles breaking or falling apart during typical boy play. We’re still impressed! We would buy these again.

    We’ve been very happy with the Magna Tiles we own and weren’t surprised when three of our boys asked for more for Christmas. I hesitantly purchased these after seeing the improvements that were made and the variety of pieces available. Our boys love them and I’m so glad now that I took a chance on buying the Playmags. There is a very slight difference in quality overall, but with the price difference and piece variety it more than makes up for it. The magnets seem very strong and are comparable to the Magna Tiles we own. I will update this review if I notice they don’t hold up as well as the Magna Tiles after extended use, but so far we’re all very happy with the Playmags!

    As a bonus, the Clickins were much different and of better quality than I expected. They’re made with hard plastic the same thickness as the tiles. They have a different letter on the front and back of each. Snapping them in and out is easy and they stay in place well.

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